The Academy will open soon…

This is a special feature here on Pinoy Moneys… and the good news, most of the lessons are free.

WordPress Step-by-Step Tutorials

We will be teaching Pinoy on how to learn WordPress and be able to create beautiful, secure and professional websites with less coding required.

Our tutorials are unique of a kind and simplified enough so that beginners can understand even without previous knowledge about WordPress or web designing.

Make Money Blogging

Despite the popularity of making money blogging, there are several Pinoy who are new to it.

We would like to encourage moms, dads, and youths to learn how to blog and be profitable in it.

Our simplified tutorials will be exclusively available to our PM Community…

Here at Pinoy Moneys, we are fueling our entrepreneurial spirit — so all of us can live a comfortable life in the future…

We believe that through business, we can slowly establish financial security…

Open your mind… do not glue your thinking to being employed until your retirement… let’s do something now…

Let’s build our future… slowly but surely πŸ™‚

If you are interested to know more, please use the email form below.

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