About Us

We are here to motivate every Pinoy to have an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

According to Forbes –Entrepreneurial Spirit is an attitude that seeks out change, rather than wait to adapt to change.

We want you to actively seek out for a change because our huge goal is to build Financial Security!

If you have this mindset, you will never become contented of what you have right now unless you are already fulfilled.

Seeking out for a change includes learning new things and learning how to convert problems into opportunities.

It is thinking outside the box.

We want to encourage an ordinary Juan to embrace this spirit because we know that this is the only way to financial freedom.

Yes, becoming an entrepreneur or starting a business is a stepping stone to financial success. You might heard about that already, and it’s true.

However, entrepreneurship entails taking up risk, yet, without risk — there is no success!

That being said, the journey towards financial freedom is not easy. The road is not paved… and maybe we are the one to pave that road for us along the process.

Hence, we have created this website because we strongly believe that business is not just for the rich. It is for every Pilipino who want to succeed in life.

It is for every Pilipino who wants to have the best for the family — Financial Security!

So, what is Financial Security? Why we want that?

Financial security refers to the peace of mind you feel when you aren’t worried about your income being enough to cover your expenses.

Source: Quicken.com

Maybe all of us have heard the praise: isang kahig isang tuka.

Isang kahig isang tuka is a sad reality, but having the entrepreneurial spirit will allow us to actively look for a way out to change that reality… to seek for an opportunity amidst crisis.

We want to establish Financial Security because want to get rid of “isang kahig isang tuka.”

We want a peace of mind knowing we have enough money to cover our expenses… and we can only do that if we are willing to take the risk — if you, right now, is willing to take the risk!

If you are an employee right now, think outside the box! Think how your current employment will help you rise from where you are right now… Use that as an opportunity to build up a capital for your future small business!

Think of becoming a Boss… not just an employee forever

Financial Security is only possible when you accept that your employment is just a short-term goal — and your long term goal is to manage your own business… and make it grow

So today, join us here on PinoyMoneys.com to start working on this wonderful mindset: Entrepreneurial Spirit!