Helpful Tips for Making Your Business Grow

I am hoping that somehow, I have encouraged you to start your own business. I know that it is not that easy to start nor easier to stay in business. However, if you truly put your mind and heart into it, you would soon realize that waiting for your business to grow is all worth the time and effort.

To start any kind of business, you need to create a good business plan. So, what is a business plan? A business plan is a set of guidelines and a timeline on how and when you will take each step until you start your business. To make it easier for you, you might want to seek advice from those who have been with a similar business who will act as your mentor. Never assume that you already know everything. There may be things that you are not aware that your mentor can help you be enlightened.

Make Your Business Grow

When you thought of starting a business, you should have in mind the right target market. And that also includes knowing the right location to build your business. But more than that, here are some growth hacks that can help your business grow.

1. Marketing is the soul of any business.

You know how much customers would love to have something more than what they pay for. But of course, you don’t need to provide something that would bury your business to the ground. Think of it as a perk or added service such as offering discounts to long-time customers in the form of a Value Card. Now you can start giving this out for free for the first year.

Then, you may ask them to pay a certain amount for the renewal of the card. I am sure that you are aware of how this type of card works since most huge companies are already using this. Never think of it as a loss when you give out a discount. In fact, you entice more people to try what you offer. For as long as you provide great products and services, there is no stopping people from patronizing your products and services.

An SM mall being close by, it is the place where I always go to purchase what our family needs. So, using their Advantage Card does give a lot of advantages. The same goes with the Petron Value Card wherein the points that you earn would allow you to purchase Petron products for FREE (assuming that the value of your card is equal to the cost of the Petron fuel, engine oil or Gasul).

2. Make tracking down your sales much easier by using a CRM software.

This type of software does not only help you with accounting, but you also get to keep a record of all your clients and you can even use this software in sending emails to your clients to announce promos or sale days.

Look for new opportunities. You may have just focused on certain things to offer. But do realize that times do change, and so are the needs of your customer. Learn to adapt to things that the customers currently want and make little adjustments.

This is the time where you need to be creative and make sure that you earn a spot to be among those companies that people would be appreciating more.

3. Check how your business has been for the past months or years.

If you think that there is a need to expand the business, then don’t hesitate. Building your business in a different location is like starting all over again. So, before you get all too excited to start a new shop or store, THINK. THINK. THINK.

4. One option that business owners can do is to consider a franchise model.

You may not have enough financial means to put up another branch of your business. But offering it for franchise might be helpful. Make sure, though that prior to offering this, that you have perfected the management of your own business so that you are able to provide all the support that your franchisee will need in the future.

5. Be virtually present.

Stay-at-home moms are now becoming more productive. They have started building their own small business online. Most of these moms sell clothes, make-up, accessories, and food.

Facebook has become a very important tool for their business that they have started using Facebook live in reaching out to their followers.

Not merely relying on photos that they post, going live allows the followers to be more informed about what they are purchasing. It is a fun way of buying online and at the same time, easier for the sellers to dispose of their products, particularly when they do tutorials (DIY or makeup tutorials).

6. Join trade shows or bazaars.

This is what I mostly suggest to mompreneurs. They cannot grow their business if they put limitations on them. I know one online seller on Facebook who started making calling cards and stationery just by selling them online.

After some time, she started joining bazaars and expos which gave her a huge exposure. After a few years, I saw her on TV as a guest on a morning show! She shared how she started out small and never realized that she has started a business that would truly prosper.

7. Allow yourself to know more about your business and how to handle it correctly.

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Attend seminars or workshops that will help you in managing your business. It pays to be always in the know.

8. Take time to identify what kind of products and services are bringing in more money to your business.

Take out everything that does not help so you can focus more on bringing in quality products and services to maintain a long list of loyal customers.

9. I do think that when things are doing well in our lives, we ought to give back and share our blessing to the people in need.

We don’t need to place a name on things that we give to others just to be recognized. Because I firmly believe that if you plant a good deed, you reap more blessings.

It only takes a few things to make your business work: faith, perseverance, and commitment. In time, you can be among those successful entrepreneurs that we look up to.

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