Blend PH Online Loan Review

Company Name: Inclusive Financial Technologies, Inc.

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Isa si Kviku sa mga online lending na nanatiling matatag deposite the COVID-19 pandemic. Isa ito sa mga pautang na pwedeng mautangan sa panahon ngayon. Max loan account is 25,000… very easy fast application.

  • Website:
  • Not SEC-registered, If you decide to contact them for services, carefully check all documents.
  • Contact Information: (02) 8293-3628/(02) 5310-1743
  • Email address:
  • Office Address: Penthouse A, OMM Citra Bldg. San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Blend PH Online Loan Highlights

BlendPH promotes borrowing with a low-interest rate and also advertises investing to help fellow-men.

Apply for a loan in the comfort of your home. Just prepare your mobile phone or laptop and a stable internet connection.

If you are a Seafarer or any person with a stable income, then your welcome to apply here.

Get your loan with these easy steps:

  1. Create an account at their website
  2. Wait for 24-48 hours while your applications and requirements are being processed and verified.
  3. Once your loan has been approved. Lenders will decide to fund your loan.
  4. Get your money disbursed directly at your account and enjoy using it where you needed it the most. So easy!

No bank account? Sign up now with UnionBank. The process is 100% online! No need to go out and stand in a long line. Just go to the Google Play Store and install it.

BlendPH has a loan service with a loan term of 12-36 months. Another loan service has a loan term of 1-6 months, and loan service for a seafarer has a loan term of 2/3 of the Contract Period.

Loan service offered by BlendPH:

  • Personal Loan
  • Fast Loan
  • Seafarer Loan
  • Franchise Loan
  • Salary Loan

Interest Rate per loan service:

  • Personal Loan – Interest rate varies depending on the risk type.
  • Fast loan – 8% per month 
  • Seafarer Loan – 3.5% per month
  • Franchise Loan – 2% per month 
  • Salary Loan – 3% per month 



  •  Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  •  Company ID
  •  Latest 1-month Payslips
  •  2 Valid Government ID
  •  Proof of billing


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Si MoneyCat ang isa sa mga legit na online lending companies na nagpapautang ng walang interest (0%) sa mga first time borrowers. Maaaring umutang hanggang 10,000 in just a 5-minute loan process!

  •  Business Permit/Mayor’s/DTI registration
  •  Bank Certificate with daily balance
  •  Income Tax Reform for 1701
  •  Financial Statement
  •  Barangay Clearance


  •  Seaman’s book: not expired
  •  Passport
  •  A government-issued ID (support to passport)
  •  Allottee form contract
  •  Contract w/ POEA stamp
  •  Selfie with ID
  •  Barangay clearance
  •  Overseas employment certificate 


  • A regular employee of any partner company
  •  Approval from their respective Human Resources Officer

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