Automatic saving plan -- saving tips for 2020

Automatic Savings Plan: A Dose For Making Excuse On Why You Can’t Save

Automatic saving plan -- saving tips for 2020

An automatic savings plan is a systematic method of saving money wherein a contributor will allow the involvement of a financial entity such as banks. This is to ensure a safer and more effective way of handling one’s savings in order to successfully meet the contributor’s financial goals. The automatic savings plan will allow the savings of the contributor to be automatically deducted from his/her bank account depending on the arranged schedule for deduction.

Paano nga ba ito makakatulong sa mga tao na hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin makapag-ipon? Anu-ano nga ba ang kalamangan ng Automatic Savings Plan?

  1. Hindi ka na maaring makapagbigay ng anumang dahilan kung bakit di ka pa rin nakakapag-ipon.
  2. Maiiwasan ang “mañana habit”o ang pagliban sa iyong plano na mag-ipon.
  3. Sakaling may di inaasahang pangyayari, mayroon kang madudukot na pera.
  4. Maiiwasan rin ang pagkakaroon ng aberya dahil automatic itong ibabawas sa iyong bank account.
  5. Maisakatuparan ang iyong planong pinansyal.

In order to further avoid making any excuses on why you can’t even save, then you may consider some services offered by banks such as the Automatic Savings Plan.

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