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Preparing Your Future: Business…Savings…Investments

When we were younger, we had fewer worries to think about. And probably, the only things that would ever bother us was the kind of toys to play with, the kind of food to eat, or to stay in bed for long hours during vacation. But as we grow older, we begin to expand our thoughts as we get into the real world. And soon we realize that there is more to just worrying about the clothes to wear and the places to go.

In our 20’s we may have been all too excited to discover what the world has in store for us. So, practically, this is the age where people would rather be with friends and go partying. Taking life seriously was never in their minds. However, there is also a portion of people in this age who have also started having their own family. And you may have been a witness to a couple or so who may have been struggling just to be able to provide for the family. Their goal is to have a stable job and just have the ability to sustain the family’s needs.

As the years pass, for sure, everyone would agree with me that their aspirations change, particularly affected by how their present life situations are. If life has been treating them badly, the more they strive. For those who may have found a means to create a better life for their families, the struggle never stops, however, they have better options that can improve their future — and that is through investments.

I know the importance of having to save up and you would see how eager some people who would come up to you and force you to get one for yourself. Of course, we know that they will earn something for every signup, but more than that, the benefits that these investments will provide to us can be truly helpful. The ordinary Juan, as you know, would rather use their hard-earned money to buy food and pay the bills since there seems to be nothing left of his month’s salary. I did not come from a wealthy family, but I do believe, that no matter how poor a person is if he has this willingness to get himself out of the whole, he can make a huge difference in his life.

Sometimes, I would just sit down and think how my life has changed, how I wish I had more to give than just a pack of cookies or donate used clothing and canned food to street children. I see so many people live under the bridge, by the sidewalk, under a tree…. These people may have lost hope in finding a place for them in this world that they would either ask for money from passersby or do unlawful activities just to get by. Only if there was someone who is willing to educate them and push them to do things which they have never realized that they are capable of doing to help have better lives.

I often tell my children that they are lucky having a roof over their head, being able to eat whatever they like and being able to go to school. Not everyone has the same luck. So, I would tell them that they must truly value their education because it will be the foundation for building their future. You don’t need to be a cum laude to land a job or to be successful in any business. There are just a few things that one has to have in mind: patience, perseverance, dedication, compassion, and to be always thankful for whatever blessings that may have come.

Making A Step

Lucky are the millennials who we may just see as the “happy-go-lucky” generation, but they are very much into creating a world that was then common among people in their 40’s or 50’s. No matter how small their businesses are, they have this passion for proving to the world that they can turn things around in a positive way despite us seeing them otherwise.

I know one friend of my son, he is in his mid-20’s. He comes from a rich family, but he never used his family’s wealth to achieve what he wanted in life. He started out franchising a small food cart business. He didn’t realize that the business would grow only after a few months. He stayed humble. As he added more businesses, he has also helped a lot of people by providing a job for them. That small step that he made created a bountiful of blessings which slowly, he is able to plan a better future for himself.

You don’t need to have millions to start your own business. Even for just a small capital, you can start making money.

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

No matter what state you are in, it is never too late to start securing your future. Learn to value money in such a way that you prioritize the things that your family needs. Now the next question is, how or when do you start to invest? There is a difference between savings and investing. Saving money is when you set aside a portion of your income to pay for your immediate needs. This may be in the form of a savings account or checking account. The funds are readily available for you when you need them. A savings account may allow your money to grow but only at a small rate. Investing money, on the other hand, is purchasing something that will allow your money to act as a capital and allow it to grow at a bigger rate such as bonds, stocks, or insurance. The money that you place in an investment is locked-in for a particular number of years. If you decide to take out your money before the policy is due, this may incur charges.

Generally, the money that you will place in an investment comes from your savings. But, only consider investing if you have the extra money to use for investment. Also, it is important that you have a full knowledge of what you are investing in. There are so many options to choose from. You can start from your own local banks. Choose an investment that does not only let you earn but can also provide you with additional benefits such as health care.

You may feel the need to start investing now. But there is one important thing that you should learn – to have a financial balance, wherein you can save for the present, and at the same time for your future.

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