Building Up A Savings Plan

A savings plan is a plan which involves safe, secure and proper allocation of your savings whether in your own supervision or through the help of banks and other financial entities who will keep track in order to meet your short term or long term financial goals. Here are the ten simple steps in making … Read more

The Moment of Truth: Mga Senyales Na Wala Siyang Plano Na Bayaran Ka

Ngayong panahon ng krisis sakit sa ulo talaga ang paniningil ng utang lalung-lalo na’t kailangan natin. Minsan tayo pa ang mahihiyang maningil at yung may utang pa ang may ganang magalit, magbibigay ng kung anu-anong rason hanggang sa ikaw ay mapagod at tumigil. In order to prevent this scenario from happening again, here are some … Read more

Mutual Fund: The Win-Win Situation

Mutual Fund: The Win-Win Situation

Habang papalubog ang ekonomiya parami ng parami din ang mga taong naeenggaanyong mag-invest sa sa ibat-ibang paraan kagaya ng Mutual Fund. Ano nga ba ang mutual fund? A mutual fund is professionally managed investment fund that source money from investors which may be retail or institutional in order to purchase securities. The advantages of investing … Read more

SSS Calamity Loan

sss calamity loan during the covid-19 pandemic

The Calamity Loan provided by SSS and PAG-IBIG has the same purpose of providing immediate financial assistance to members who are currently affected by the global pandemic. Who are eligible for SSS Calamity Loan? For a member to qualify he/she must be a resident of the Philippines and have not been granted any final benefit … Read more

Automatic Savings Plan: A Dose For Making Excuse On Why You Can’t Save

Automatic saving plan -- saving tips for 2020

An automatic savings plan is a systematic method of saving money wherein a contributor will allow the involvement of a financial entity such as banks. This is to ensure a safer and more effective way of handling one’s savings in order to successfully meet the contributor’s financial goals. The automatic savings plan will allow the … Read more

Pag-Ibig Calamity Loan: Who Are Eligible and The Steps to Apply

Pag-Ibig Calamity Loan During COVID 19

PAG-IBIG Calamity Loan is a financial assistance given to members in times of catastrophy just like the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, who are eligible to apply for the calamity loan? All Pag-Ibig members who contributed for at least 24 monthly membership savings can avail. Members can borrow up to 80 percent of their totalPag-Ibig regular … Read more

Ang Matinding Banta Kung Tatapusin na Ang Lockdown — Further Outbreaks Could Reoccur!

Major cities of the Philippines are under enhanced community quarantine (lockdown) to contain the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Batay sa isang study na published sa isang Medical Journal na The Lancet (as reported by Emma Reynolds at CNN), further outbreaks could reoccur if this lockdown will be lifted because there is no effective vaccine that is widely available yet. This time, it could lead to new restrictions… And… it could be catastrophic to … Read more

SSS Salary Loan Online – How to Apply?

Kung meron na po kayong account sa SSS online via, pwede na po kayong umutang… How to qualify for SSS salary loan? Dapat meron na po kayong total na 36 contributions. At, if hindi straight ang inyong pagbayad, at least merong 6 months na paid contributions sa nakalipas na isang taon or 12 na … Read more