Automatic Savings Plan: A Dose For Making Excuse On Why You Can’t Save

Automatic saving plan -- saving tips for 2020

An automatic savings plan is a systematic method of saving money wherein a contributor will allow the involvement of a financial entity such as banks. This is to ensure a safer and more effective way of handling one’s savings in order to successfully meet the contributor’s financial goals. The automatic savings plan will allow the … Read more

Pag-Ibig Calamity Loan: Who Are Eligible and The Steps to Apply

Pag-Ibig Calamity Loan During COVID 19

PAG-IBIG Calamity Loan is a financial assistance given to members in times of catastrophy just like the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, who are eligible to apply for the calamity loan? All Pag-Ibig members who contributed for at least 24 monthly membership savings can avail. Members can borrow up to 80 percent of their totalPag-Ibig regular … Read more

Ang Matinding Banta Kung Tatapusin na Ang Lockdown — Further Outbreaks Could Reoccur!

Major cities of the Philippines are under enhanced community quarantine (lockdown) to contain the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Batay sa isang study na published sa isang Medical Journal na The Lancet (as reported by Emma Reynolds at CNN), further outbreaks could reoccur if this lockdown will be lifted because there is no effective vaccine that is widely available yet. This time, it could lead to new restrictions… And… it could be catastrophic to … Read more

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