Effective Tactics To Keep You Productive At Work

Whether you are working at an office or at home, sometimes it is not just too easy to get distracted with so many factors that may leave you lazy, unproductive or disheartened to continue doing what you are supposed to do. Indeed, there are times when we feel burnt out from everything and that sinking into the floor may just be an immediate solution. But of course, that is not likely to happen.

We work because we need to earn for our family’s needs. Some individuals even work during holidays just to make sure that they would have enough money to pay for their basic necessities. But how do you get up enthusiastic everyday when you know that you would again be slaving yourself in front of your computer for the next 8 hours plus a couple or more hours of traffic going to and from the office? Just thinking about it makes me want to crawl back in my bed, but not everyone may be lucky enough to let one day pass without needing to work.

Dreading to Start the Day

Some employees would literally be dragging themselves to the office. Too tired from yesterday’s work accompanied by having to deal with the heavy traffic, getting some restful sleep may not be possible sometimes. Therefore, some would turn to melatonin supplements to help them to get some sleep. Apart from all the work that one has to face in the office, an employee may not be too happy seeing a few people in the office, for two main reasons:

  1. Grouchy boss
  2. Co-employee gossips

And when an employee allows these people to get into him, being productive at work is unlikely to happen. And of course, when the company sees that an employee is no longer the way that is expected of him, he may just be facing dismissal from his job. Naturally, we do not want this to happen. So, one important thing that any individual should learn is to not become too sensitive about what others may think or say about you. For as long as you know that you are doing the right things, there is nothing that you should be fearful about. Just learn that there are people who would always try to put you down. Either because they are envious of you or simply because they have no better things to do than talk about other people’s lives.

How To Keep Focused

The mind is a very powerful tool. When you allow yourself to be dragged down by people who talk negative things about you, you can easily fall and be completely destroyed. However, you can always choose to be on the positive side of everything. Here are some ways to help you take control and keep focused:

  1. Know your priorities. Always do the most important things and keep in mind that your work is what makes you receive your monthly pay. It is essential that you leave your personal problems at home so you avoid being distracted.
  2. To make you more diligent and enthusiastic to start the day, make it a habit to work in a clean space. Take out all unnecessary things on your table and just let the most important things that you need within your reach. Use a desk organizer and make your work space as spic and span as possible all the time.
  3. So, you hear people talking about you. Whether what they are talking about is real or not, I do believe that they do not have any right to talk behind your back. Not unless it is already affecting your stand in the company, then you should face them and talk to them. But, for small talks that are clearly a work of some people, just learn the art of ignoring them. Soon enough, they would just stop.
  4. Remember that you cannot control the people around you but you can control how you respond to them. There may be some bosses who wants to emphasize all the time that he is the big boss. Instead of being intimidated, show your best by doing an excellent job with your work. Work to impress and make sure that you can stand up for it!
  5. You may feel frustrated at times and talking it out to your boss may be your option. At one point, it can be helpful since the boss may somehow provide you some helpful tips and he may also be enlightened with what the situation is all about. However, to be always rambling about your frustrations to your boss may make him feel that you are incapable of handling situations, therefore, he may see you as a weak person. It may help to voice out your disappointments and also it may also be a great help to divert all these frustrations or anger into a positive drive to work harder.
  6. Never waste your time on unproductive thoughts. When you always things of something negative, it can slowly eat your judgment and would affect how you see yourself. Never make yourself feel unworthy. You know yourself more than anyone else. When you come home at night, leave all your office worries behind. Never allow yourself to drown on such negative thoughts that it could affect your relationship with others.
  7. No matter how difficult it could be to be around such negative people, never allow their behavior to dictate your emotions. You have the power to be in control of how you feel regardless of other people’s behavior.
  8. Change the way how you see yourself. If your boss told you to work extra hours, never think of it as something that you are being forced to do or something that you do not want to do. Think of it differently – your boss thinks that you work better and that you can accomplish so much more. You may not want to work extra hours, but telling no may be a bad career move.
  9. If a fellow employee would come to you and you feel that it is an inappropriate topic, you may kindly excuse yourself and tell him/her that you refuse to engage in anything that may destroy other people or put yourself in a bad position. Set boundaries so that others may know that you have your limitations, too.

It could be too tiring to deal with people who can just literally suck all your energy out. Instead of allowing them to get into you, learn to meditate. If you feel like screaming because of too much frustration, stop whatever you are doing and say a little prayer or you may want to have a little walk for a while.

We need to keep our sanity intact all the time. With the stressors around us, this can easily make us go crazy. But should we allow that to happen especially if we have our families to think about? We need to be always healthy for ourselves and for them.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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