Remotasks – Make Money Online Doing Tasks – Without Leaving Home

How to make money online in the Philippines when you are not allowed to go out to work, or if you are just afraid na mahawaan sa nakatatakot na COVID-19?

I think hindi naman talaga bawal na pumunta sa trabaho, though it is strictly advised to stay at home. Don’t me get wrong, I am basing that here in Davao City. I know a few people who are still going to the place of work.

Do simple tasks online and make money

So, unless mag-close talaga ang business temporarily, that’s the time you are not able to work anymore. Actually may case din. I am a remote employee kasi. Hindi ako freelancer, but I got a home-based job. That’s how we programmed it since I have twins. Yung iba kung mga katrabaho sa ibang branch ng company is wala nang trabaho as of now, kasi closed na ang ibang branch…

I have also a friend who is an accountant and is working for a firm, yung boss nila has taken COVID-19 so seriously to set a remote job for all the accountants… so, nasa bahay na rin sila ngayon finishing the coming ITR… well, that is good, they still have work…

How about those na wala na talagang si-swelduhin kasi nga nag-closed temporarily ang company — with no work no pay scheme? That’s the hardest part… okay lang sana kung may enough savings for the needs of the family… but that’s not case to most of the ordinary folks out there…

That’s why I am trying to come up with work at home ideas for you! Of course, legit… ang dami pong scam ngayon… so beware… huwag po agad maniwala… kahit hindi ka man hihingan ng pera, eh baka masasayang lang ang mga oras na ilalaan, when at the end of the day, you’ll discover na ang sinalihan mo ay isa palang scam…

Why you can trust me when I recommend some work at home gigs? Well, noong 2007 lang naman ako nag-umpisang kumita ng pera online… so I know what’s legit and what’s not…

Remotasks is an online platform where you can perform and complete tasks and make money quickly

Anu-ano yung mga tasks na pwedeng gawin dito para kumita ng pera? Here are some of the tasks:

  • Image annotation — yung lagyan ng mark ang isang larawan, etc…
  • Categorization — for example, e-identify mo ang category ng isang imahe…
  • Image transcription
  • Data collection — maghahanap ka ng info sa internet about something…
  • At marami pang iba…

Here’s a screenshot from Remotasks…

I think pwede gamitin ang smartphone sa mga simple at classic tasks dito, but for more complex tasks, yung mas mataas ang payout — kailangan talaga ang laptop or desktop computer…

In order to get paid, dapat may valid PayPal po kayo… so, kung may balak po kayong dumiskarte habang naka lockdown pa ang bansa, make sure na may Paypal na para smooth na kapag payout time!

To verify my claim na legit ang Remotasks, of course, you can Google it… try to look for reviews, and I found one… okay ang review na ito from a travel blogger… as a travel blogger, need niya na magkaroon ng legit na remote job or work at home job… kasi nga on constant travel siya, he could not settle for a traditional 9-5 offline job… read his review here…

Okay, ready to try? Excited na magka-pera na nasa bahay lang? Visit Remotasks on its official website

Is there other legit ways to make money at home amidst COVID-19 pandemic?

I have also written a post about another work at home opportunity using the website of…

I also encourage you to read that, at may isa po akong suggestion, and it can help you start making money online — be resourceful…

Walang imposible sa taong madiskarte

And don’t be too dependent sa kung ano po ang nababasa ninyo… try to experiment on something… like you know that Remotasks and Fiverr are legit companies, make the most out of it…

This is the link to my post about Fiverr, and I also mentioned about Canva — a tool that will help you to become like a pro graphic designer!!!

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