TALA vs CASHALO - Quick cash loans online review Philippines

TALA vs CASHALO – Best Online Loan App Review

TALA vs CASHALO - Quick cash loans online review Philippines

Are you on the search for the (hashtag) #BestOnlineLoanApp ? Or you’re so much on the query of “who offers of what”? Can’t make a better financial decision? Or want some financial solutions? Then go say Hooray! for you land on this page. Well breakdown each loan app and make a piece of detailed information about what you want to know. We’ll help you decide with your financials.

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Featuring the top loan apps and trend in the market, which is TALA Philippines and CASHALO online loans. I bet you bet on it also. With  Tala Philippines of course, offering good customer service and easy payment terms. And with Cashalo online loan, offering the lowest interest rate and fast easy application. Now, what?

Decisions, are always hard to make if you don’t know the whole thing or even a thing. You always want to see a plan. In building structures, you always want to see the perspectives. In basketball, you always have a backup plan.

Comparison is the key here. The least, we could do to help us decide. Comparing is done by taking on such key points for advantages and disadvantages. To work it out we need to sort out some categories as our bases for comparison.

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For example, we sort it by,


Terms of Payment

Time of Disbursement

Well, we can go on as too many categories to classify what’s best. But I guess this is the most sought essentials for a better loan experience.

3 Rules you need to know before Borrowing

  1. Your Income. Most of the online loans are offering a Payday loan or salary loan. The thought of borrowing is that you lend it and you repay it soon. It is important that your income is enough to cover such amount plus the expense of having it. On the other hand, you may consider your income if you’re self-employed or a proprietor.
  2. The Interests. It’s a non-operating expense. The cost of the debt that has occurred at a specified period. [1] It is very essential to know it when you call out for a financial plan. What is the amount of the loan, if the interest is too high compounded. Right? So, we keep an eye for loan sharks first and foremost.
  3. Terms of Payment. The term is the life of a loan. [2] The period over which the loan balance must be paid in full. It’s important to keep this in mind. We do avoid penalties, that’s a wise borrowing. Also, if we want a successful reloan in the future we do avoid late payments for it matters in our credit standing. And we always encourage every Juan (everyone) to be a responsible borrower.

Going back to comparisons, it has some sort of degree or level. But for now, let’s take just two or the first degree. Then, we’ll go on after eliminating the other to comparing for another. With these, we can sort each app to what’s really the best among the rest.

TALA Philippines

Interest rate : 11%  for 21 days, 15% for 30 days.

That is 0.5% in a day interest.

Take note you can borrow ₱1,000 to ₱2,000 for first time borrowers. It might be helpful considering also the amount of loan you will be getting plus the interest so you could decide.

Terms of Payment : 21 days, or  30 days (1 month)

Time of Disbursement:  within 24 hours turnaround time, loan approval in 5 minutes

You may read more on our review.. TALA – Ang Loan App na maasahan Bakit nga ba?

CASHALO Online Loan

Interest rate: 4.95% fixed monthly interest rate

The loan amount is up to ₱5,000 for CashaLoan and up to ₱2,000 for CashaQuick

[wptb id=4776]

Terms of Payment: 15 days, to 6 months installment

Time of Disbursement: within 24 hours your money will be deposited to you once approved.

Try considering also the 30 minutes approval time.

What is the best online loan?

Did you already made up your mind or haven’t you decided yet? Take it easy. Share your thoughts with your comment down below.

[1] https://www.accountingcoach.com/blog/what-is-interest-expense

[2] https://financial-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Term

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