Make money online opportunities amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Aasa nalang ba tayo sa rasyon ng gobyerno?

Para sa akin, malaking tulong na rin kung makatatanggap tayo ng rasyon mula sa gobyerno… pero, maaasahan ba natin ito?

Make money online opportunities amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Sadly, hindi ito maaasahan… that’s how I set my mindset… hindi ako aasa sa rasyon ng gobyerno para sa aking pamilya.

If makatatanggap ako ng rasyon, mas maganda, but not the point that I will do nothing and just wait for that stuff.

Turning this crisis as opportunities to make money!

As the sole breadwinner of a growing family, yung pag-iisip ko on how to make money never ends…

Palage talaga, I think my brain is already programmed to think of ways kung papaano ko bubuhayin yung pamilya ko.

And to tell you — there are lots of opportunities right now — kahit nasa bahay lang…

As many said, tatagal pa itong pandemic, if you are going to think of the situation right now, this crisis will stay for years!

So, kung talagang aasa lang tayo sa rasyon ng gobyerno, kawawa ang mga anak natin… so, stop that thinking… stop that mindset.

Instead of thinking how government can help you — think of how you can help yourself in the long run!

The economy will change. The old ways will be here no more… COVID-19 will change the way we live life.

How to find opportunities amidst COVID-19 pandemic?

Di ba sabi ko, we can turn this crisis into opportunities to make money — but how?

Simply look around you. What’s missing? Or what needs to be done?

For example, I have neighbors here who are making sofas, etc… but, the couple finds sewing cloth face mask is more of a need today than that of sofas.

So, they are making cloth face masks right now, and it is really in demand… but of course, hindi naman lahat marunong gumawa ng face masks, or hindi naman lahat marunong magtahi… that’s just an example.

Do you have a motorcycle? Why not offer a grocery service for your neighbors? People are afraid to go out now because of the fear of getting infected… although this idea is risky to you, I am sure that you can find several people who are willing to pay someone to do a grocery for them… (of course, you should wear protective equipment to make sure you are safe).

And… if you want to be safe at home — why not learn some online gigs? I am working online, and I can tell you — being a home-based worker is a big advantage now. I am not dependent on going out to make a living. I am just a home dad…

In fact, those who are serious to learn a solid skill to make an online living for a long term can avail of my affordable one-on-one website making course!

And, you don’t need to learn to code to make a beautiful website for clients! You can offer your service after a week or 2 of training!

If you are interested, just add and message me on Skype:

Several ways to make money online!

Maraming paraan upang kumita ng pera sa internet… hindi lang ang paggawa ng website…

For some quick cash, you can join micro job websites like Remotasks… you should complete some tasks and make money right away.

There are so many legit ways to make money online… pero, kailangan talaga ng sipag at tiyaga…

Hindi porke online ka nagta-trabaho eh easy easy lang… hindi — it needs dedication and effort.

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Mas favorable lang talaga kasi nasa bahay ka lang… and this time of COVID-19 pandemic, hindi magugutom ang pamilya kasi tuluy-tuloy lang ang kitaan 🙂

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