Online Lending: How to Know if Legit or Scam?

We have a Facebook Group called “Online Pautang Para Kay Juan“, and all members are not just borrowers. Some members are offering loan services too. That’s totally fine.

However, we want to remind you to be careful. There are lots of scammers on online lending groups, not just our groups. Bigger groups are the main target of scammers.

Kayo ang nangangailangan ng pera, baka kayo pa po ang maperahan!

That’s true. So here I am going to list some of the techniques used by scammers to scam people who are in need of cash.

Scammers would lure people by big amount of cash.

#1. Big Amount of Cash

Unlike most of the offers we promote, scammers won’t offer you a loan as little as 2,000 or 5,000. They would offer 50,000 or 100,000 or bigger than that.

Then, let’s proceed to number 2.

If you are promised of an instant cash approval, then beware! Big amount of money is hard to get!

#2. Instant Approval, Just 1 Valid ID

If the offer is 50K, that fake lending will just ask for a valid ID or any document that you can easily provide.

Now, you should be skeptical. Is there a business that would risk a 50,000 peso for a person who just submitted a TIN ID.

If you are the lender, would you give your 50K to a person who just handed you 1 valid ID?

Any big sum of money is hard to get. That’s the reality because legit lending companies are not charity institutions.

The moment you are guaranteed for an instant and easy approval, accept the fact that it’s not a genuine offer. Don’t say “what if”. There is no “what if”.

Loan scammers will ask for your money first, like calling it a membership or processing fees.

#3. Professing Fee, Membership Fee or Whatever Fee Before Releasing The Approved Loan

Well, that’s the end game. They want to make money from your innocence, or whatever you call that.

Sometimes, desperate people would gamble.

What if the offer is true, then I could get 50K in no time…

It is just sad to realize that there are still people who get scammed.

Please don’t be fooled by numbers.

To make it more realistic, scammer will secure a loan agreement!

#4. Loan Agreement, Just to Make You Believe

Some scammers are getting fancy, they would secure you a loan agreement. A nice-looking document so people would reconsider.

If Nos. 1-3 are obvious, then don’t be fooled by that bond paper.

How to Resist the Temptation?

To avoid being scammed, read feedbacks first. Learn from others mistake.

Instant Cash. A big amount of instant cash is a temptation. It is hard to resist, especially if you needed it badly. That’s why scammers use that tactic.

I would suggest that you ask for feedback first. If you are not sure, despite the above list, that the offer is legit or not — then groups can be of big help. Don’t listen to just one person, listen to the majority.

If you are not a member of our Facebook group yet, be sure to join now.

To check our legit offers, visit our Online Utang page.

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