Top 5 Legit Fast Cash Loan App in the Philippines in 2021

Top 5 Legit Fast Cash Loan App in the Philippines in 2021

These are the top 5 legit fast cash loan apps in the Philippines in 2021. If you are looking for an online lending with easy application and fast approval, this is it.

Number 1: BillEase

The company behind BillEase first offered the app as a way for people to buy now and pay later. You will be given a credit limit that functions as a virtual credit card, then you can use it to purchase items on Lazada… you can also use it with the rest of their merchants.

Good news! Right now, you can also choose to cash out your credit line. Yes, it is not only limited to buying or paying online. If you need the money, then no problem.

The monthly interest is way lower than that of other online lending apps. It is no more than 4% per month, and you can pay it on an installment basis for 6 months. Awesome.

Number 2: TALA Philippines

This international legit cash loan app has more than a million users worldwide. Yes, and I think they will be here for a long time… they just receive lots of love from their borrowers.

Although, the starting loan would be as low as 1000 pesos, it is still a big help. You can increase your loan by paying on time.

Number 3: LoanChamp

LoanChamp is still a good option if you need an online lending that will let you borrow for 1 single valid ID. This is good for people who are self-employed, who cannot submit a certificate of employment.

Although others were rejected on the first attempts, it will eventually approve borrowers.

Number 4: Online Loans Pilipinas

If you are looking for an online lending with easy application, this loan app is for you. The money will be sent to your account in as fast as 2 hours (based on our actual experience).

What is more, if you do not have a bank account, you can use your GCash. Although choosing to disburse the loan to your bank adds 30% chance of getting approved with Online Loans Pilipinas.

Number 5: Cashalo

Cashalo is awesome, although it might be tough in terms of approving borrowers. Like Online Loans Pilipinas, it will also allow you to borrow without a bank account.

Great, isn’t it? But really, you must get a bank account right now… simply download Unionbank Online on the Google Playstore.

Back with Cashalo, it has an option to get your loan proceeds via GCash and PayMaya.

Tips: It is hard to borrow money without credentials, so, if you don’t have primary valid IDs, you should get one before attempting to loan online. Valid IDs that legit fast cash loan app in the Philippines accept are UMID (New SSS ID), SSS (The old ID), TIN, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Postal (New enhanced ID), and PRC ID.

So, you might consider getting a Voter’s ID or Postal ID, if the other options are not applicable to you.


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